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Sunday, April 23, 2017

4/23/17 Week in Review

This week felt off, somehow, news-wise. Maybe because Congress was on break so there was no real news there, but I think most of it was the fact that the focus turned to North Korea and a ton of "what ifs" that the media focused on. And I did have some real life distractions of my own, I must admit. It's possible I missed some stories, but I did manage to find some good stuff, though not as much as a normal week. Check out what I found!

Trump and Co. Drama

The first 100 day mark is coming up and what has Trump done so far? This isn't a rhetorical question, I'm actually asking you this. What has he accomplished so far??

Another Trump top pick bites the dust...

As we have suspected all along, Susan Rice's unmasking of names as a part of her job duties was in fact, much ado about nothing as Trump continued to try and find somebody to blame for his idiotic wiretapping tweet.

Teen Vogue strikes again! Ivanka Trump met with the Chinese president and it went so smashingly, apparently, that she now has a whole new market to sell her goods to. Convenient too, since I think all her stuff is made there...


Apparently there is some Russia stuff that happened this week. Carter Page, remember that name.

Even Fox News is talking about Carter Page. And after the week they had with firing Bill O'Reilly, the fact that they're even acknowledging the Russia stuff is amazing. And telling.

Interesting turn of events here. Did Trump turn down this request in order to not look like he was playing favorites? I mean really, this would look bad if he'd OK'd this. Or does he truly think this deal was bad on its own merits? We may never know for sure...

Part two of the Russia probe begins May 2nd. Mark your calendar to see how this all works out.


The Florida senator who got into trouble last week for using a racial slur has been forced to resign. This is a good lesson, folks, in how keeping up with these fights, we can actually make a difference.

A person protected under DACA has been deported in spite of what the administration has promised to not deport them.

Bill O'Reilly's out of a job at Fox. Just don't forget that Fox news is culpable for all of this and only did what they had to do for the sake of advertising money, not for the sake of actually doing the right thing.

Question of the Week:
Why was the news so boring on one hand, and terrifying on the other hand? North Korea and the threat of nuclear war dominated most of the news feeds that I came across this week. I don't watch news on tv, so I can't say if it was the same for that or not, but if I had to guess, I would guess that it probably was. I'm not sure how things escalated so quickly with North Korea, but my assumption is that the current administration, in hopes of distracting people from Russia and Trump's stupid wiretapping tweet, decided to poke the hornet next that is North Korea, with a stick. Now they have something to fight and protect America from and the media is eating it up.

There were things that developed this week regarding the Russia investigation, but I had to actually search it out. I chose not to share any stories on North Korea because I didn't want to perpetuate what Trump wants, but also because nothing actually happened. It was a week full of "what ifs," "coulds," and "mights" and that is not news. That is speculation and one of the things I vowed to stay away from as much as possible as I started this news project.

Trump has always played a distraction game with the media. When something big comes up, you need to look in the opposite direction to see what he's trying to distract us from. Whatever wasn't dominating the news was probably a welcomed break for Trump, which is exactly why we need to keep the focus on what he doesn't like. Currently, that's Russia and his wiretapping tweet. Keep your eyes on the prize, people.

This upcoming week is bound to be a crazy news week. Congress is back in session, they have to settle on a budget or risk a government shutdown and Trump wants to put financing the Great Wall of Mexico into all of that. North Korea is now a thing and Trump's first 100 days will be this coming Saturday. This week is bound to more than make up for this week's news slump. Stay vigilant, readers, and keep your government reps on speed dial!

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