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Sunday, April 16, 2017

04/16/17 Week in Review

Well, here it is, Easter Sunday! I've been a bit distracted this week with my own work drama issues, but I still managed to find some good reads this week. Happy reading!

College Tuition

New York state now offers tuition-free college!

But(there's always a but), there are some caveats...

If you pay student loans, you might need to know about this recent change by Betsy DeVos.

Trump Troubles

Who knew Fox News would be the voice of reason with the Syrian strike issue?

This should be concerning to everybody, regardless of what "side" you're on politically. The president's children should not be able to have such a political influence on the president.

So, apparently this is why Paul Manafort is going to have to register as a foreign agent. I can't imagine this looks good for the Trump administration.

Here is a sound lawsuit against the Great Wall of Mexico. I hope this does what it's intended to do and stops the wall from being made.

British intelligence intercepted quite a bit of communication between Team Trump and Russia in the months leading up to the election. They passed this on to their American counterparts. It does make one wonder why this information was not made public long before now...Like, maybe 11 days before the election?

Trump wants to increase the amount of people patrolling the border for undocumented immigrants. The only problem is not many people seem to want that job. Gosh, if only there was a group of people here who are exploitable and do jobs that most Americans are unwilling to do...Hmm, that is a puzzlement.

African American Community Issues

Like last week's article about black women having to live with different standards for their hair, here is another example of double standards. In this piece, a young woman was told her prom dress was inappropriate because it wasn't "formal" enough. Not because it showed too much skin, but because the material was deemed inappropriate.This is not ok.

The man who killed nine people in a church in South Carolina doesn't deserve to have me type his name out, but he does deserve the nine life sentences he received in court this week.


The Texas voter ID law has been deemed a form of racial discrimination by a judge, for a second time. That must mean it really is discriminatory...

Good news for Washington state citizens who use birth control!

I waited for a while to share this story until I saw it come across a reputable news source. Even so, most of it is presented as allegation.

Video of the Week
Sean Spicer has a very special Easter and Passover message for America.

Question of the Week
My question, or thought, stems from this article.

While the thought of Trump's base of voters and supporters starting to turn on him might sound awesome at first, it does make me feel a bit concerned about the long-run. If his base is turning away from him because they feel he is no longer living up to his promises, they are not going to suddenly start supporting a Democrat nominee. They will continue to turn to more and more extremists. As the article says, a lot of them strongly support Steve Bannon and don't like the idea of his fall from Trump's graces. If Bannon leaves the White House in disgrace, and Trump's base begins to feel sympathy for him and sadness because his causes, which are their causes, are no longer being heard, what's the stop them from throwing their support behind Bannon down the road? If we think a Trump presidency is scary, imagine how terrifying a Bannon presidency would be? I don't know about you, but that sounds like the worst idea ever.

So, what can be done about this? These populist-leaning people are not going to change their ways any time soon, they will only continue to look for people who embody their beliefs. The only thing I can think of for how to combat this, is to actually listen to them and hear their concerns. I'm not saying we validate them or normalize them, but all of this is coming from fear, and fear makes people do dangerous things. There has to be a way to come together with these people and help them work through their fears. It's the only way they will be able to move on from these terrifying candidates who have no business being anywhere near the White House. I like to think of Trump as a one-off anomaly, but there is that little thought in the back of my mind, that he might be the first of many if we're not careful...

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