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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why I Choose Not to Eat Beef

So the latest beef recall, due to worries about e. coli was announced on the news today. 2 tons, approximately are being recalled and will be destroyed somehow. What a waste of good food. That number seemed so high that I got curious and did the math. I might not be completely correct, but these are the figures I came up with. 2 tons equals 14,000 pounds of beef. It takes ten pounds of grain to produce one pound of beef, which means that in this recall, not only were 14,000 of meat wasted, but 140,000 pounds of grain were too. That equates to 2,24,000 ounces of grain. Based on a one ounce serving of grain and the 6 serving minimum that the average person is supposed to get each day, I calculated that in a one day time frame, 186,667 people who would otherwise go hungry somewhere in the world, could have been fed. And of course you could have fed a smaller amount of people for a longer time.

It just makes me look at a Big Mac in a really different way when I look at it like that.

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