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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Doctor Who Rules!!

It really does. And I'm always learning more and more about the show. I thought I'd list out the "rules" that I know of already for Doctor Who, so I never forget them. And do feel free to let me know if I missed anything...

Rule 1: The Doctor is a bluffer. He always has an ace up his sleeve, and that vital piece of info he never shares until he absolutely must.

Rule 2: Doctor Who is not Lost. The wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff is most likely not based on a government and/or evil corporation conspiracy, and there are probably not multiple timelines going on, or alternate universes. This might not be always the case, but more than likely the time travelly stuff is more straight-forward than that. Time travel is always complex, but it doesn't have to be uber complex to still be interesting.

Rule 3: The Doctor is not infallible. Though he may be loath to admit it, he does mess up sometimes. He doesn't always make the best choices he could, and he can be downright cranky at times. This is when we roll our eyes and let him snark away cuz he'll get over himself soon enough.

Rule 4: The Doctor is very brave and not afraid to sacrifice himself for the betterment of mankind. From what I've seen, he's not got a martyr-complex, and I don't know that I'd classify it as a God-complex either. It's more like it just is what it is.

Rule 5: The Doctor would never win on Project Runway. His fashion sense is rather...unique. Whether it's a celery stalk on his lapel, or a coat of many colors, too many, really, or a fez and bowtie, each Doctor brings a different look with him. And none of them, except perhaps Nine, would really be considered "normal". I suppose, though, that's what makes him interesting. But I will say this: Bowties ARE cool...

Rule 6: The Doctor has an ego, and needs it to be fed. Hence the need for an audience in the form of a companion. Sure he gets lonely, but I think a bigger part of him needs someone constantly cheering him on. Whether this is ego, or deep down he's actually lacking in confidence, remains to be seen. Or at least seen by me.

Rule 7: The Doctor knows best. Usually. And though I hate being told what to do, more often than not, if the Doctor tells you to do something, you ought to do it. It could mean the difference between life and death.

I think that's a pretty good list so far, I'm sure I'm missing some, though.


  1. Rule 8 (though some might argue it's #1...): The Doctor NEVER gives up. Especially when it most looks like he has.

    Yeah, there's got to be plenty more...but I had to add that one. :D

  2. Oh!

    Rule 9: When the Doctor is surprised, we're all in big trouble.


  3. Just thought of another one: Rule Ten: Doctor Who never takes itself that seriously. It's drama-lite! The show is at its very best when it's at it's very lightest.

  4. OK, here's a few more that my other friend wrote on FB. I'm going to list them individually.

    Rule 11: Though it changes from one regeneration to the next, the doctor always has a quirky sense of humor.

    Rule 12: The doctor's companions must scream well.

    Rule 13: The doctor knows the rules, but frequently declines to follow them.