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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Air Show Post

I heard about this on Thursday on the radio. The 2010 Air Expo at the Lewis-McChord Air Force Base. They put this on every other year and it's free. They put it on for the local community, to give back to them. Now, normally I wouldn't be interested in an air show, but I went to one as a little kid and the only real memory of it I have is the hamburger I ate there that day. I wanted to try another one. I think it's good do try and do things once in a while that are normally not things you'd do. Things completely outside your realm of knowledge or comfort. Because you never know what you might end up liking.

So we went, and it was cold and cloudy, so I wore jeans and no sun screen. This ended up being a mistake. The jeans were good, because they kept my legs covered, but my face was horribly burnt because the sun finally did come out and we were in it for about 4 hours. It was worth it though. There was a storyline to it, not like I thought it would be. I just thought it would be random airplanes flying randomly, but there was a plot, and bombs and stuff so it was really cool. And my friend from high school flew his "Warthog" in the show and had a huge role in it. The narrator kept saying his name, it was fun.

Airplanes are very interesting, but not very pretty. Function over form, I suppose. But they showcase the amazing things we can do as humans. Creating machines that can fly up into the sky like birds, with grace and strength. The power they wield is truly awe-inspiring. And it showcases what the military is good at: being powerful and intimidating, yet not always deadly. They drop food and other aid to people out of those planes too, not just bombs. I guess it's a balancing act. It's cool to know that the airmen, as they're called, I guess there are no airwomen? love what they do and get true joy out of it. I suppose there is an art to flying those planes. Those people are expressing themselves and the way they see the world, when they fly. And I say, fly on!

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