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Monday, February 27, 2017

Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

So, I just ran across a news story from last week that I hadn't been aware of when I was working on yesterday's blog post, and it'll be too late to include it in this week's blog post. I have decided to post it as a special edition news post, because I think it's an important-enough incident to know about sooner rather than later, or never find out because it gets swept under the rug.

First, a video of the incident:

This all seems rather harmless on first viewing, nothing out of the ordinary for Fox News. Fear mongering in the name of telling the news. The only problem? There is no such person as Nils Bildt, and he most certainly doesn't work for the Swedish government.

Here are a few articles to read more about Bildt and Fox News's decision to put him on the air:

Washington Post



This is an English translation of a Swedish newspaper

In this day and age of hurling accusations of fake news around at real, legitimate news sources, it is imperative that incidents like this don't go unnoticed. We may never know the truth behind this. Did Bill O'Reilly and Fox make this man up and put him on the show to fit their story? Did he troll them in the most epic way possible? Was it simply a mix up, a human error? Regardless of which one is the truth, the truth is not what was told to the listeners on Fox News that day. While I don't think that is a legitimate source for information anyway, it doesn't make it all right for them to dupe their viewers like that. Fox News viewers, in their endeavor to steer clear of fake news, should be outraged and demand better of their news source. We should all demand better of it.

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