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Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Legend of Nara the Metal Death Demon

Nara is a metal death demon. It has long, dripping fangs, claws that tear flesh to shreds, and is covered in eyes. Nara is the god to whom many bow down. Nara has an insatiable hunger and demands sacrifices on a daily basis.

Nara is a trickster and confuses people into following its lead. Its chief form of slaughter is inhabiting humans who use small metal pieces that shoot even smaller metal bits into the bodies of others. It fills people’s minds with ideas that Nara is good and just and makes a person free, when really, it merely shackles them. Nara’s coffers are filled with riches as well as the bones of its victims. Nara will stop at nothing to gain more wealth and bodies.

Nobody knows if or when they will become a sacrifice to Nara. It chooses its human inhabitants at random, usually option for quiet men seeking attention, or the ill, but it rejoices with each slaughter of an innocent. It particularly loves children and those in educational settings. People learning to expand their minds are ripe for the picking by Nara, who feeds off their energy.

Nara is very good at making humans feel sorry for it. It convinces people it is the victim and needs protection, and so it has been cared for for decades of time, with no end in sight. It will use its trickster powers to convince people that the quiet attention seekers and the ill are at fault for the slaughters. It points its long, clawed fingers at them all while shaking its head in mocking sorrow. The people set up to protect our land are often fearful of Nara, or openly worship it, and so Nara’s power merely grows.

Nara leaves many questions in its wake. Can nothing stop it? Is it more powerful than we? Will we continue to mourn the loss of Nara’s many sacrifices? Will its hunger ever abate? If only there was somebody strong enough to battle Nara. Perhaps one day, there will arise one who can, and will. If only that one had arisen long ago…

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