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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Let the Protests Begin!

Ok, America, it looks like we need a refresher course on nonviolent protesting. I love how passionate most of us are about fighting for change against bad laws in certain states recently, but some of you are going about it the wrong way. Here's a handy do and don't list to follow.

Do: Support businesses who serve all people. They deserve your money, regardless of what state they're in.
Do: Tell others about businesses out there who support all people. The instinct is to boycott entire states, but as I saw beautifully quoted online yesterday, "Boycott the hate, not the state." Besides, the supporters of religious freedom laws will tell you they are doing it to support the free market. So, why not let the free market decide. It can be a double-edged sword, that pesky free market...Let the public decide who will stay in business and who will go out of business. Remember, in a free market, your dollar is your vote. So vote often for the businesses you like, and simply let the ones who perpetuate hatred, fade away from lack of support.

Do not: Threaten the lives and property of people and businesses who support religious freedom bills. This just makes them look like a martyr to their supporters. It also makes you a bully. We're looking to change hearts and minds, or at the very least, create laws to protect all groups of people from being discriminated against. Nobody ever changed their mind by being threatened. It only makes them cling more tightly to their belief.
Do not: Name call or taunt people you speak to who feel differently about this. Nobody likes to be made to feel stupid or worthless. It's really easy to get carried away through social media, but remember why we are fighting: to ensure the rights of all our fellow citizens. Don't lose sight of that goal in the heat of the moment. If you try to live by the Golden Rule, this is the most important time not to forget it. And remember, karma does have a way of kicking your butt when you get too out of control. 

It's really pretty simple, if you follow these few rules. Now, let's get protesting!

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