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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Referendum 74

Voting 4 Referendum 74

This coming November, Washington state has the unique opportunity to open our hearts and minds and extend marriage equality to those who want it, or to keep the status quo. For those of you who are undecided on how to vote, I would offer you my opinion on why voting "4 74" is the right thing to do.

*This is not an “us vs. them” issue. There really is no “vs.” in it at all. This isn’t a battle. We are not Eastern vs. Western Washington, Cougs vs. Huskies, straight vs. gay; we’re all one Washington state. Nobody will lose if 74 passes, but many will lose if it doesn’t.

*Gay people serve in our military, fighting and dying for our freedom and safety. They deserve to have the same rights that their straight counterparts enjoy freely. Can we live with ourselves knowing that others fight for our rights when we so easily withhold it from them in return?

*Even if you don’t realize it, you have gay people in your life. Just because you aren't aware of it or they aren't publicly "out", they are a part of your life. They are your neighbors, your coworkers. They are your friends and your family--your children and grandchildren. They deserve equal protection under the law. These people are our fellow citizens, our fellow Washingtonians, we should strive to increase everybody's rights and freedom.

*If 74 passes in Washington state, the main change is that gay people will legally be allowed to get married. Another change is an increased state-wide revenue as people choose to come here to marry. Businesses around the state will see an increase in revenue, the state will see an increase in taxes received and fees from marriage licenses which can then be used to fund badly needed programs we can all benefit from. If 74 fails, gay people will remain unable to marry in our state. But you will know that you are actively oppressing your fellow citizens.

*Don’t let out-of-state marketing campaigns form your opinions for you. Vote with your mind and your conscience. Stand up to out-of-state influences telling you how to vote. Let us choose for our own state to do the right thing for our fellow Washingtonians.


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  2. Well said. I'm also for fair-play, equal rights and justice for all so I'll be joining you to vote "4 74" this fall.